Below is a short list of cases that we have been asked to serve as consultants:

  • Luby Vs Lifejack Consulted on behalf for the City of Oak Brook, IL and Lifejack. Involved the use of a PPV fan in a basement fire which resulted in the death of a firefighter.
  • Truck Vs. Time Warner Cable Consulted on behalf of Time Warner Cable. Involved a fire in the attic of an apartment in Garden Grove, CA, which allegedly resulted in an inordinate loss from fire.
  • Santana Vs Seagrave Consulted for┬áSeagrave (apparatus manufacturer) and the City of New York which involved the death of several citizens as the result of an attempted rescue and the failure on an aerial ladder (Seagrave) at a fire in New York City.
  • Brea Vs Latimer Represented the City of Brea, CA, which involved the injury of a Brea, CA, firefighter who was involved at a training exercise while on duty.
  • Duquesne Light Vs John Walsh Represented Duquesne Light Company and the City of Pittsburgh Fire Department which involved the serious injury of a firefighter who contacted electrical wires (Duquesne Light) while operating at a fire.
  • Forensic consulting services for the City of Seattle regarding the Pang warehouse fire which was the result of arson. This fire resulted in the death of┬ánumerous firefighters.
  • City of Tucson Vs. Charette Consulted on behalf of the City of Tucson, AZ, for a fire that occurred in a residential occupancy under construction. The case involved a claim of inordinate loss as a result of the actions of the Tucson Fire Department.
  • Everett, WA Consulted for the City of Everett WA, regarding the death of a Everett, WA, firefighter as the result of a fire in a school building.
  • Betty Jo Winters Vs City of Airway Heights Consulted for the city of Airway Heights and the Airway Heights fire Department as the result of an injury to an Airway Heights firefighter during a structure fire.
  • Tortes V. Humboldt Count Involved the injury to a firefighter during a training exercise.
  • Baertschiger and HB Company Vs. Valley Fire Services Currently consulting for Valley Fire Services and Josephine county, OR, as the result of a fire that Valley Fire Services allegedly did not adequately extinguish.
  • Cabo v. Union Pacific Railroad Company, et al. Involved a television fire, smoke flow and failure of smoke detector operation
  • Hussain v. Lee Involved arson fire and failure to provide proper fire and life safety protection
  • Oyarzo, Hart v. Tuolumne Fire District Involved failure to compensate in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act