Paul Stein, Expert Fire Witness
Leader In Public Safety Consultants & Technical Expertise For Fire Litigation
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Expert Witness Testimony, An Objective Preliminary Review, Written Opinion & Reports & Technical Support
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Our team has over 150 years of fire service experience.

Your #1 Expert Fire Witness Service & Leadership Trainers

Public Safety Consultants provide experienced fire service leadership training. Our fire, emergency medical, fire prevention and hazardous material experts are competent, intelligent, and highly educated with a common sense approach to litigation matters.

Our staff has over 150 years of fire service experience. By virtue of our education, training, skill and experience, the staff members are the elite in the national fire service.

We conduct on-the-scene investigation, analysis, witness evaluation, testimony in the review, and evidence documentation.

Fire Protection Area, we are highly skilled with evaluating and making recommendations that involve Fire Life and Safety Codes and procedures, including smoke detector regulations. We will review the local codes and ordinances and determine if the building and/or fire prevention procedure is in compliance.

We also provide evaluation and provide expert testimony and support in litigation matters that involve fire code violations, fires, and accidents that lead to injuries and death.

As an additional service, Public Safety Consultants provides an in-depth analysis review of management policies and procedures as they relate to litigation matters involving firefighter and civilian injuries and death.

We will also review management practices and make recommendations for improvement where appropriate.

Paul Stein, Expert Fire Witness
Fire Fatality Prevention

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Areas of Expertise

  • Fire Ground Injuries and Death
  • Residential Fires
  • Building fires
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Wildland Fires
  • Electrical Fires
  • Fuel Fires
  • Chemical Fires and Explosives
  • Training Ground Accidents
  • Firefighter Safety Issues
  • Fire Prevention Codes and Ordinances
  • Fire Investigation
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Fire Department Management Analysis
  • Standard Operating procedures
  • Emergency Medical Service Incidents and Protocols


Written opinion and reports

Technical support

An objective preliminary review and evaluation of all incidents.

Expert witness testimony by extremely experienced and highly educated fire service members.